CGC / CBCS Certified Comic Box x 5

CGC / CBCS Certified Comic Box x 5
Product Code: CS099
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Price: £25.00

New white colour!  The older style "mottled" white box card is no longer available.  Our new CGC boxes are the same white as our regular comic and magazine boxes.  Custom built by Incognito Comics to store all your Certified Comics. Sold in bundles of 5 boxes. Bright white on the outside. Made from super strong double walled corrugated cardboard. Designed to hold approximately 30-32 CGC/CBCS Certified slabbed comics. Comes complete with lid and will stack to a height of four full boxes. Internal dimensions are 380mm long x 220mm wide x 350mm deep. Perfect for use with our CGC / CBCS Certified Comic Bags.

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